I liked a bag that was online but it´s not on the web anymore. Do you have another one the same that I can buy?
Nope. Each Danna Motola is entirely unique! There may be another one like it but never exactly the same.

I found a design I liked on instagram, do you have any left?
Probably, you can contact us and will let you know if that piece is still available. Remember that our products are one of a kind!

I´m not quite sure of the colors and material of the bag I would like to purchase, can you help me out?
Sure, we can send you pictures and even videos so you can have an idea of the material look, color tones and how can you wear your bag.

Can I customize a handbag with my favorite colors and design?
You can look trough all of our stock, we are pretty sure you will find in love with one of our bags. We only make bags with the inspirations os each artist.

I have a gift to make! Do you offer express shipping?
Yes, we do, only within Mexico.

I don't live in Mexico. Do you ship internationally? 
Yes, we do! We are now open to ship to United States, Canada and Europe. Hope we sooner we can make world wide shippings.

My order hasn´t arrive yet, what can I do, will it take longer? 
Remember that our packaging partners take 5 to 7 business days (within Mexico) and up tp 10 to 15 days (international) to deliver your package. Sometimes can take a bit longer because of customs reviews. Please note that if you buy a customized product, can take up to 7 more days to arrive.

Do you have a store?
We are now working at home, so all of our shop is 100% online!

Do you have wholesale prices?
Since all of our products are handmade and one of a kind, they can´t be a mass production we don´t really offer wholesale prices. But we can offer you a fair trade in big orders. Please email us or whatsapp us at: +52 1 (33)11017216.

Does face mask have a health certificate?
Nope, all of our face mask are made with double layer of 80% cotton fabric for better protection. But they are not recommendable for clinical use.

Where can I know a bit more about your materials and making process?
You can check our blog and have fun with our content!

Can I fit my laptop in a backpack?
Nope, backpacks are not specially made for carrying laptops. We are working on a laptop case, stay tuned!

Paint can be washed off from any Danna Motola products?
We have been working hard for your products last longer! Bags, phone cases and acrylic accesories are made with a bio-resin cover that wont let paint to wash off. Fabric products could happen if not following care instructions correctly.